the island in pigeon forge

4 Fun Amusement Rides You Should Experience at The Island in Pigeon Forge

March 24, 2020

While you may have heard the Island in Pigeon Forge is a huge shopping and dining destination, it also offers a fun selection of amusement rides for all ages! Admission to the Island is free, and you can pay for all the rides on a pay-as-you-go basis. For an even better deal, consider the 48-hour unlimited ride pass where you can ride as much as you want for 2 full days! Here are 4 fun amusement rides you should experience at the Island in Pigeon Forge:

1. Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

the great smoky mountain wheel at the island in pigeon forgeThe centerpiece to the Island in Pigeon Forge is the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, a 200-foot-tall Ferris wheel that provides stunning views of the Smokies! This popular ride made its maiden turn on June 21, 2013 and stands as one of the tallest attractions in the southeast. The comfortable, all-glass gondolas seat up to 8 guests, or you can purchase a special VIP ticket for your own private gondola! If you take a spin on the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel during the time, be sure to come back at night to ride high above the twinkling lights of Pigeon Forge!

2. Island Bumper Cars

The Island Bumper Cars takes the traditional amusement park attraction to the next level with cool circular shaped cars that can travel in any direction with dual lever steering controls. This means you can bump into your friends or just sit and spin in circles until you are dizzy! Since this ride does not feature the usual foot pedals found on most bumper cars, young kids can participate equally with the adults. To add to the fun, the Island Bumper Cars also feature flashing LED lights for an incredible ride experience!

3. Flying Horse Carousel

the island carousel

If you have young children in your family and you want to take them on their first amusement ride, hop aboard the Flying Horse Carousel at the Island in Pigeon Forge! This classic attraction was manufactured by the Italian Bertazzon family and features 22 hand painted horses and chariots styled in a rich Venetian décor. Let your kids choose their favorite horse and go for a ride during the day or under the lights at night! The Flying Horse Carousel has no minimum height requirement, but children under 42 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult.

4. Spinning Parrots Coaster

No amusement park is complete without an exciting roller coaster, so take a ride on the Spinning Parrots Coaster! This family friendly coaster features a figure 8 track design and is unique because the vehicles are free to spin on their own. This creates a unique ride experience different than any other roller coaster of its size and type. Participants only need to be 36 inches tall to ride, and riders between 36 inches tall and 48 inches tall must ride with a chaperone. The chaperone rides for free and must be at least 16 years of age.

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